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Yale University

Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin Colleges

Yale University—New Residential Colleges

New Haven, CT

Architect: Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Client: Turner Construction

Completion: 2018
Category: Institutional

Project Type: Stone Engineering

Stone Types:

+ Indiana Limestone: rustic/standard buff
+ Weymouth Granite: seam/split face


Sep 2020—Stone Cladding Technologies

With its rich history and impeccable standing amongst the best institutions in the world, Yale University’s New Residential Colleges are examples of a new build made to look traditional and in keeping with the historical relevance of its surroundings. The masonry structures are identified by two distinct colleges: the North and the South. The architectural character matches many existing buildings on the Yale Campus, with exquisite attention to detail as evidenced by the beautiful passageway groin vaults, signature towers, and meticulous stone tracery.

Extensive coordination was required to integrate all trades with minimal site modifications. Phases were drafted and submitted in parallel sequences allowing multiple installation crews to work in tandem and ensure a continual supply of material. PICCO established all brick course working points for all trades to work from, coordinated all carved ornamentation to ensure proper integration with the stone detailing, and resolved all interactions between windows, doors, brick, storey-coursing, and design benchmarks. Innovations included designing arches as solid stone instead of cladding. A unique numbering system was devised to allow any stone to be easily identified by profile, type and length. If damage occurred, the same stone for a phase not being actively installed could be pulled and re-cut for that phase without interruption.


Due to the scale and complexity of the project, PICCO became a key contributor to the design team assisting the architect with stone detailing–

shop drawings, fabrication tickets, and connections. The natural and cast stone components evident in this remarkable project exemplify the finest use of stone.

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