Xin Gao

Senior Structural Engineer

M.Eng, P.Eng

Xin has led over 100 projects including those involving residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. He thoroughly understands and appreciates that structural consultancy is a service business and always provides clients with safe structural designs that are also the most economical structural solution. Saving clients time and money is a priority to Xin. As such, a strong focus on value-engineering is very important to him and the teams that he leads.

Xin obtained a Master’s Degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Building Engineering. He possesses design skills in concrete, steel, and masonry structures, as well as structural restoration. Xin is proficient in a variety of structural analysis software.


Notable Projects

• DHL Gateway Facility, Hamilton, ON
• USocial Townhomes, Richmond Hill, ON
• Vista Flats and Towns, Stouffville, ON