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Princeton Lewis Centre for the Arts

A university in service of the imagination


Princeton Lewis Centre for the Arts 

Princeton, NJ

©Jaclyn Sweet

Architect: Steven Holl Architects and BNIM Architects

Client: GSS/Dan Lepore & Sons

Completion: 2018
Category: Institutional

Project Type: Stone Engineering

In March of 2016, PICCO Engineering was made aware of a stone engineering project at Princeton University by Dan Lepore & Sons. It was clear at the time that the stone chosen for this project posed difficulties related to structural integrity, consistency and resiliency to the local climate. The design of the subframe system created risk in long term performance as well. Project specifications and code requirements were demanding which required thorough understanding and review. Significant material costs and thousands of dollars of labour were at risk.

PICCO was hired by GSS and we went to work. Understanding the structural and aesthetic requirements, and tight schedule, PICCO developed a plan to mitigate risks while optimizing the purchased stone and façade design vision. This plan included comprehensive material testing, connection innovation and engineering installation instruction, verification services and inspections. GSS was very impressed and informed us that we had "saved the day". A proud accomplishment for sure, but most gratifying to see our clients succeed, and the owner ultimately experience their building as intended.

Very responsive and quick with solutions…

"After various failed attempts of hiring an engineering firm for the stone cladding system here at the Lewis Center for the Arts Project, we were introduced to PICCO Engineering. During our first meeting, it was clear that PICCO was the right firm with the right people, knowledge and experience. During our first visit, PICCO came to the table with engineering solutions for the stone cladding system. We gave them a very aggressive schedule which they met time and time again. During the process, PICCO was very responsive and quick with solutions. Due to PICCO’s experience and knowledge, we were able to complete the stone cladding engineering and move on to the installation in a very effective and efficient manner which helped the overall schedule.Turner is very pleased with the work performed by PICCO and look forward to working with them again in the future."

—Fernando Delgado, Turner Construction

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