Webinar: “Stone Cladding Technologies – Getting It Right the First Time”

This month, Mike Picco presented a webinar to NORR Architects and their NORRed continuing education series. Find out what stone cladding technologies exist and explore key factors for “Getting it right the first time.” Is the selected material and anchoring system suitable for your application?

Learning Outcomes:

1. Various types of cladding and examples of cladding projects—including a case study on the University of Minnesota McNamara Alumni Center.

2. Key factors important to ensuring your project is done right the first time, such as:

  • Material Selection

  • Structural Integrity & Back up

  • Shop Drawings

  • Anchor Design

  • Anchors

3. Codes and regulations put in place to monitor anchor design and spacing.

4. Discussion of essential items for designers, other factors affecting design, and why testing is important for safety.

Mike is the driving force behind PICCO’s continued success, with more than 25 years of stone consulting and structural engineering experience. Mike remains active in project sponsorship and is a much sought-after speaker and subject-matter expert on stone cladding and anchoring systems. This presentation was offered through the IMI, granting 1 LU/HSW continuing education credit to AIA (American Institute of Architects) members. Interested in seeing more? View our Webinar Education Series