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February 24, 2021—Concord, ON

On January 1, 2021 Picco Structures Ltd. commenced operations, under the leadership of Neb Erakovic, Crispin Howes, and Mike Picco, along with a strong and skilled team of engineering professionals. PICCO has successfully collaborated with Neb and Crispin on past structural engineering projects, most notably the iconic Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, MB. Together again, this new venture formally combines exceptional joint expertise and experience to carry on a legacy of successfully delivering the world’s most challenging projects.

Picco Structures Ltd. will focus on core and specialty disciplines of structural engineering, including architectural installations and feature structures, all with an emphasis on pragmatic and innovative solutions, with consideration of sustainability across all projects.

“This new entity represents a significant step in PICCO’s evolution. Neb and Crispin’s expertise in advancing digital and automated designs, prefabricated/modular construction and innovative BIM integration will heighten our services to allow us to take a leading position in the market,” said Mike Picco, Founder and President. “We value leadership, embracing change, and our clients’ success. Our clients will continue to receive the same high quality, innovation, value, and integrity on their projects.”

Together, Picco Engineering Limited and Picco Structures Ltd. will now be known as PICCO, leveraging the legacy of client relationships and proven service excellence. The new PICCO brand will be reflected in upcoming changes to our website and our new domain ‘’. With PICCO, you have a partner that shares your passion for great architecture and who is committed to seamless project delivery and uncompromising attention to quality of design and details.

About PICCO PICCO is an award-winning professional services firm at the forefront of cladding solutions, building science, structural engineering, and recognized worldwide for its expertise on projects that span the globe. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide world-class capability, together with innovation, value, and integrity. It is our unique qualification—working with elaborate shapes, utilizing technology and know-how to solve the complex geometry of special structures—that sets us apart. To learn more, visit

For more information please contact: Sarah Picco, Marketing Coordinator PICCO Group of Companies 200-8611 Jane Street, Concord, ON L4K 2M6 Toll-free: 1-888-772-0773 Email:

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