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My Summer Experience at PICCO

September 2022 – by Gagan Sandhu

This month’s PICCO perspective is written by intern student, Gagan Sandhu. Gagan joined us in her 3rd year of the Business Administration-Marketing program from Seneca College. The program uses innovative and hands-on delivery techniques to develop, integrate and execute marketing strategies that prepare students to become leaders in the industry.

Here Gagan shares what she learned, in a dual role uniquely supporting two departments.

Caption: Seneca College, North York, Ontario (Source:

For the past four months, I’ve worked with and learned from the marketing and administration teams at PICCO Group, and it has been an exciting educational experience! My position originally began as a Junior Administrative intern student; however, I was offered an opportunity to work with the marketing team (sitting in and participating in weekly meetings)—to share and broaden my knowledge and skillset to become more equipped in the field. I took my first marketing class in high school and ever since then I’ve had an interest in the field, knowing that I have the ability to use my attention to detail and problem-solving in many ways to help make an impact. I can change a buyer’s perspective on a company or product, and that is something that excites me.

Caption: Gagan working in the drafting studio

Discovering a Gem

When I first accepted the position, I wasn’t completely sure who PICCO was or what they did; but working closely with the VP of Operations made me see the beauty in stone engineering and architecture and appreciate all the amazing accomplishments the entire company has made. Since my first day, I always felt very welcomed by the entire staff, and the office has been a positive work environment. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) was very understanding in accommodating my schedule and even last-minute emergencies, allowing me to take part in a hybrid work model.

Plan Your Work; then Work Your Plan

I can say with confidence that I have adapted a new mindset and learned more during the last four months with PICCO than I have in the first two years of my program. I was able to get the hands-on experience I wanted, and as a result, I have a stronger worth ethic now. I worked with the marketing coordinator contributing research and writing to their monthly newsletters which included doing both internal and external research.

I’ve also been thoroughly involved in creating social media content and was introduced to a new software app that I can see myself using in the future. Other tasks involved following up on new client leads, analyzing market trends, creating presentations and webinars to further grow the reach of the company. In the admin department, I assisted with accounts receivable, HR responsibilities, planning office events, and covering the front desk as needed. I am grateful that I was always given full creativity to do things as I saw fit, with the proper instructions and an appropriate amount of time to get the work done, and that I never felt rushed. I have also been able to develop more soft and hard skills, and overall, my experience here has been integral to my growth.

Caption: Applying marketing skills to planning and publishing content using a social media management tool.

Advocating for the Intern Experience

I think many students struggle with the fear of wondering— “Have I chosen the right program?”— and I was one of them. My intern term at PICCO helped me realize how much I enjoy marketing, and that this is what I can see myself doing as a post-grad career.

Here are some tips I have for future interns:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get clarification if you are confused! This is a learning experience for you as a student and you are not expected to be a pro by your second day.

  • To have a successful work term you must stay organized, determined, and ask for help when you need it.

  • Get to know your co-workers; networking is an important aspect of business, you may get some great advice and life lessons on the way.

  • Go out of your way to show initiative and collaboration because team dynamic is a big part of PICCO’s values.

I would like to give a big thank you to the entire PICCO team for giving me such a memorable and educational summer. I am grateful to share that I will be returning to PICCO as a part-time employee during my school year. I feel a lot more confident in myself as a student and employee, now knowing more about baselining, analytics, social media comparative researching, and lead generation. I look forward to learning more upon my return. I would definitely recommend PICCO to any future students or employees who are reading this blog and can guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Blog written by: Gagan Sandhu

Marketing Administrator Intern Student at PICCO

Gagan is a 3rd-year Business Administration-Marketing student from Seneca College. She worked as a Junior Administrative student during her intern work term from May to August 2022.

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