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Mike Picco Speaks at Zak World of Facades Canada

May 19, 2022—Zak World of Facades is an international conference series on facade design + engineering. The event has attracted over 27,000 delegates across its 80+ completed editions worldwide to date. Designed as a one-day conference—Mike Picco was a returning speaker to its first edition in Toronto, with his presentation on—“Structural Solutions for Masonry, Stone and Thin Veneer Facade.”

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Building success—with a collaborative approach to facade design

  2. Designing Solutions—to meet demanding criteria and complex architecture.

  3. Innovative Engineered—facade solutions and PICCO project examples.

Mike is the driving force behind PICCO’s continued success, with more than 25 years of stone consulting and structural engineering experience. Mike remains active in project sponsorship and is a much sought-after speaker and subject-matter expert on stone cladding and anchoring systems.

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