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Gusto 501 receives Judges Award of Merit

The Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC) has represented the terrazzo, tile and stone industry for over 70 years. The judging panel for this award program consisted of a panel of architects and interior designers. The decision was based upon quality of workmanship, level of difficulty, synopsis of the project, special features contained in the project and quality of the pictures submitted.

Watch the annual TTMAC Hardsurface Awards presentation showcasing all the amazing projects that have been taken in consideration for 2021.

About Gusto 501

Designed by award-winning architecture firm, Partisans, Gusto 501 is the new “sister” restaurant to the original Gusto 101 and patron favourite on Portland Street in downtown Toronto. PICCO collaborated with the design team and Hunt Heritage Masonry in making the hollow core terracotta block interior come alive. Floor to ceiling wall cladding was coordinated, engineered, and meticulously installed to the highest standard of trade craft. The architect was looking to create sculptural, undulating terracotta block walls. Complex software models were generated, and the tiles were cut at angles to make six profile variations, creating unique, undulating, corbelled projections on each wall. Integrated lighting within the terracotta cores are an additional design feature that created a distinctive back-lit effect, further defining Gusto 501’s signature ambiance and inviting interior.

Challenges included how to integrate lighting into the wall, and engineering an appropriate restraint system for the highly corbelled portions of tile. A strategy for connecting highly variable thicknesses of hollow tile together was created to prevent interference with the exposed masonry cells, and to allow for easy integration of the lighting system. Lateral tie-backs for overturning with cold form steel framing came together with connection details facilitating our attachment strategy. A mock-up for the terracotta walls was created to test connection strategies, lighting effects, and installation tolerance. Many of these key questions were resolved early in the design process, to the benefit of the project.

As with all fine art, Gusto 501 is meant to be experienced in person, to be appreciated. Those lucky few will find the resulting interior exudes a unique mood and ambiance that showcase the intersection between art, engineering, and innovative design. A true and timeless masterpiece!

Project Team
  • Architect: Partisans

  • General Contractor: Boszko & Verity Inc.

  • Trade Contractor: Hunt Heritage Masonry

  • Engineers: PICCO Engineering

  • Supplier: Sandkuhl Clay Works

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