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Canadian Museum for Human Rights

PICCO Engineering has cultivated its international reputation with magnificent projects around the globe. Landmarks such as the Mariinsky Theater II in St. Petersburg, Russia; Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois and the Aga Khan Park in Toronto, Ontario are just a few of the prestigious locations known for their exceptional design and unique engineering. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) in Winnipeg, Manitoba is another of those exceptional projects.

PICCO’s expertise with Building Information Modeling (BIM), REVIT was vital to the process. The entire project, which was the design brainchild of world renowned architect and AIA Gold Medal winner, Antoine Predock, had to be detailed in 3D. The structure is an extremely complicated one and required PICCO’s hardware, software and technical expertise. Furthermore, PICCO’s contributions included design-assist, engineering, construction methodology input, material research and sourcing, quality-control and design co-ordination.

The challenges were many but the PICCO team was committed to facilitating the vision of Mr. Predock. For example, strategic stone jointing and panel size variations not only met the design objectives but also helped contribute to minimal waste and ultimately, was one of the factors in achieving LEED status.

Back-lit alabaster ramps mechanically anchored with no shadows required PICCO’s ingenuity and inventive anchor design. The anchors had to be concealed and not visible on the face of the stone. The alabaster itself had to meet the design characteristics and budget needs, and PICCO was instrumental to the material selection process as well.

All in all, the CMHR was a monumental task which featured the expertise and input of numerous first-rate companies. PICCO Engineering was proud of the contributions we made to such an important landmark.

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