Latter-day Saints Temples

Multiple projects across North America

Church of Latter-day Saints Temples

Multiple projects across North America

Clients: Multiple

Completion: 2010-2023
Category: Cultural

Project Type: Stone Engineering

Stone Types: 

+ Amarello Figueira granite

+ Beige limestone

+ Blanco Macael marble
+ Imperial Danby white marble

+ Moleanos limestone

+ Mountain Grey granite
+ Pedras Salgades granite

+ Zira granite



East Idaho News

Since 2010, PICCO has applied various systems approaches, solutions and engineering considerations for a dozen LDS temples across North America. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 30,000 congregations in more than 160 countries and territories. Temples are buildings dedicated to be a House of the Lord and considered by church members to be the most sacred structures on earth. 

The size of temples also range from 10,000–70,000 sf. Many of the temples spec Imperial Danby white marble (quarried in Vermont) stone, complemented with beige limestone. The Calgary Alberta temple profiled a grey granite (quarried in China), in contrast to the newer temples under construction introduce a Moleanos limestone, Amarello Figueira and Pedras Salgades granites (quarried in Portugal).

PICCO Engineering services included: design assist, re-cladding, shop drawings, fabrication tickets and stone engineering. Traditional anchoring systems were used, in addition to steel walers, channels, horizontal hat/furring, and aluminum systems.

Did you know?
46% of LDS
temples worldwide,
are in Canada
and the US.
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