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The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

Honeycomb panel details and large cavity spaces

Calgary Latter Day Saint - Ara Shimoon.j

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Calgary, AB

©Ara Shimoon

Architect: Abbarch Architecture

Client: KEPCO+

Completion: 2012
Category: Cultural

Project Type: Stone Engineering

Stone Type: Mountain Grey Granite

Over 52,000 sf of cubic mountain grey granite covers the facade of this monumental LDS temple in Calgary, Alberta. The intricate composition of profiling reflects what is possible with a high level of care and attention to detail at the shop drawing and fabrication drawing stages.


This was one of the first projects on which PICCO Engineering utilized 3D modeling software to ticket the complex plinth, base, and cornice stones. Large wall cavities created a challenge for our stone engineering team to support the robust stone elements while fulfilling the installation tolerances and timelines. This was solved by creating continuous hat channels that were backfilled with spray foam and pre-installed to pull out the connection attachment surfaces to the face of the insulation, and creating bespoke connection solutions at every detailed condition. 

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