Ireland Park

A monument dedicated to Irish famine immigrants

Ireland Park

Toronto, ON

Architect: Jonathan M. Kearns

Client: Trinity Masonry

Completion: 2007
Category: Cultural

Project Type: Stone Engineering + Structural Engineering
Stone Type: Irish Limestone


2014—Ontario Masonry Design Award Artistic/Commemorative Design

2009—Toronto Construction Association “Best of the Best” Award For outstanding contributions as a subcontractor/supplier in making Ireland Park a successful venture and worthy of industry recognition for excellence.

A monument dedicated to Irish famine immigrants who settled in Upper Canada. The historical monument holds 675 of 1,100 names honouring those who did not survive the journey – they are forever engraved in the Irish limestone.

The design goal to mimic the eroded Irish shoreline required the structure to consist of a combination of poured concrete, reinforced masonry, structural stone and unique stone anchors to support the various complex cantilevers. Outside the box engineering and creative design resulted in an outstanding monument.