Ark of Return—UN Memorial

Honouring a Vision

Ark of Return—United Nations Memorial

New York, NY

Architect: Rodney Leon Architects

Client: Precision Stone

Completion: 2015
Category: Cultural

Project Type: Stone Engineering


2015–Natural Stone Institute Pinnacle Awards

Award of Merit, Commercial Exterior


Jul 2016–Stone World Magazine


2014–Rodney Leon visits Vermont Quarries


Sep 2020–Stone Cladding Technologies

PICCO Engineering had the distinct honour and privilege to collaborate on this project with many notable stakeholders. Our contribution touched various aspects of the project including coordination and design of the steel framing, stone engineering, and anchoring design, and overall stone installation guidance. PICCO utilized BIM software to guarantee proper and accurate integration between the structure and the natural stone panels. An amazing team effort ensured that the Architect’s vision was successfully realized.


"The Ark of Return Permanent Memorial to the Victims of Slavery and The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade has a complex geometry comprised of a triangulated stainless steel frame clad in triangular white marble panels. The level of precision and coordination required to fabricate and install the memorial by our entire design and construction team was extraordinary. PICCO Engineering’s design of the structural support details within a limited time frame was critical to the successful installation and public unveiling of the project by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon".

—Rodney Leon, Rodney Leon Architects